How to Take CBD

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How to Take CBD

There are four ways to take CBD oil, depending on your desired effect  – Inhaling, Oil Drops, in Edibles, or Topically.

Inhaling or Vaping

CBD can be heated and inhaled. This is known as vaping. CBD is absorbed into you lungs very quikly and the effect is instant. This method is the best if you want immediate relief from pain. You can feel it in about a minute or so and the effect will last a couple of hours. Hemp flowers and other CBD strains have a lower potency. CBD oil, which is more concentrated, has a higher potency and will have a stronger effect.

Oil Drops

You can also drop some CBD oil on your tongue and ingest it by itself. The CBD is absorbed through your mucus membranes and goes into your bloodstream. This can also offer fast relief from pain or stress.


Eating Edibles with CBD is one of the more popular ways of selling and taking CBD. CBD can be mixed into an endless list of foods, such as chocolate, candy and cookies. You can even cook with it. Once the food and CBD goes through your digestive system, the CBD goes into your liver, where it is broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream.

This method takes longer – from 30 minutes to 2 hours, but the effect will last several hours. Edibles are good if you want longer-lasting relief.


Most topical CBD products will not enter your bloodstream. But when applied to the skin, CBD creams can offer direct relief for pain, rash, dryness, and even tendonitis. There are also transdermal CBD patches you can apply to your skin and will penetrate into your bloodstream. Applying CBD topically will target specific areas of your body.