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The Benefits of Hemp Oil


Hemp seed oil or “hemp oil” is made from cold-pressing hemp seeds. The oil is green in color and usually has a nutty flavor. Topical products that contain hemp oil are rich in vitamins and moisturizing ingredients. The cannabinoids (CBD) found in hemp oil trigger the endocannabinoid receptors in your body and your skin.

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What is the Healthiest Way to Consume Cannabis?


Smoking Cannabis PROS:  Fastest delivery method for easy to control consumption with levels 10-28%THC. CONS: The least healthy method and least discreet, smoking odor, bad breath. Smoking  is the most common method of consuming cannabis and is known as the oldest method of cannabis consumption. Smoking cannabis is the quickest way to get the

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Cannabis Industry Trends and Predictions


The cannabis industry is evolving, but one thing is for sure – it is growing. What to expect and look out for: Cannabis sales are expected to be over $20 billion by 2022, up from $10 billion in 2018. There will be over 500,000 jobs in the cannabis industry by 2022. There are currently

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Vaping vs Smoking


If you are a cannabis beginner, you have to consider whether to vape or smoke. Here are the different effects between the vaping and smoking, and why research shows that vaping is better for you. Vaping is better for your lungs. Inhaling burnt matter is not good for lungs. Burning any plant material produces tar

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Cannabis for Beginners


What is Cannabis? Cannabis, weed and marijuana are all common names for the plant used to produce hemp and cannabis products for medical and recreational use.  The cannabis plant produces flowers that can be harvested, dried and smoked. Cannabis contains THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the principal psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. CBD (Cannabidiol) is another ingredient found

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THC Oils and Concentrates


Recreational and medical use of Marijuana has been growing in popularity, owing to the legalization in several states. Recently users have been moving away from traditional marijuana preferring THC oil and other concentrates instead. The reason driving users and growers to this form of marijuana is the associated benefits offered. With the demand for concentrates

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THC Vaporizers


Here are some reason why THC Vaporizers may be for you! Using THC vaporizers to smoke marijuana is one of the cleanest ways to smoke. You can roll a joint, use a bong or even just a common pipe. Smoking with a bong or pipe may be the cheapest compared to vaporizing but you may be

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All You Need to Know About Dabs and THC Concentrates


What are Dabs and THC Concentrates? Well, here is everything you need to know. If you are at all involved or around medical or recreational cannabis, then it is likely you have heard the latest lingo, including “dabbing.” While this term may seem new, the truth is that “dabs” have been around for more than

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How to Safely Consume Edibles if You Haven’t Tried Them Before


Maybe you saw a treat at a dispensary that you just had to try, or maybe you just watched the episode of “That 70’s Show” when the parents eat brownies. But you may have also read about marijuana overdoses in Colorado. That excitement and apprehension is commonplace among first time edible users, so let’s take a

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How to Choose the Best Marijuana Delivery Service?


Here are some tips on how to choose the best marijuana delivery service. When it comes to using cannabis, you might want to be discreet and not really public about it. We live in a progressive society, but employers, older family members, maybe even your kids still look at marijuana as a bad thing. The

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