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Vaping vs Smoking


If you are a cannabis beginner, you have to consider whether to vape or smoke. Here are the different effects between the vaping and smoking, and why research shows that vaping is better for you. Vaping is better for your lungs. Inhaling burnt matter is not good for lungs. Burning any plant material produces tar

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Different Types of CBD Products


CBD is available in many different forms, depending on how you would want to ingest it and how fast you want it to take effect. Vaping – CBD oil can be heated into a vapor. When you inhale it through vapes or e-cigs, CBD goes directly into your lungs and bloodstream. You will feel

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CBD and Vaping


When you vape CBD oil, you’re heating the active compounds in the oil, which produces the vapor. This eliminates the combustion or burning associated with smoking. Vaping CBD has become more popular because it is known to have therapeutic effects. Vaping also avoids the smoke and carcinogens harmful to your lungs that are caused

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THC Vaporizers


Here are some reason why THC Vaporizers may be for you! Using THC vaporizers to smoke marijuana is one of the cleanest ways to smoke. You can roll a joint, use a bong or even just a common pipe. Smoking with a bong or pipe may be the cheapest compared to vaporizing but you may be

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