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Medical Marijuana Card Doctor Hollywood Easy Clinic

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7307 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90046
United States
(323) 790-4983


Medical Marijuana Card Doctors in Hollywood Los Angeles California accepting international, out of state, and patients under 18 with parental consent. New patients $50 for full year and $40 for returning patients. No hidden fees.

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors' scams are abundant in Los Angeles. The reason is many are not run by Medical Marijuana Doctors but some are run by individuals with criminal pasts and felony charges. Cannabis is a natural medication that helps many patients with serious illnesses and unfortunately it is these patients who are most prey to these Medical Marijuana "Doctors". To help you we have put together a how to avoid medical marijuana card doctor scams. The doctors who were in Venice were shut down and had to move, their next targets are Hollywood and Downtown LA.


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